Brian Poncelet


I have known Brian Poncelet for more than 15 years.

One of the important things Brian did for my family was to introduce me and my wife Kristin to Critical Illness insurance. Brian strongly believes in this product and owns several policies himself. We purchased our first policy in those early years and later Brian encouraged us to purchase more coverage as our business was growing and he felt this was important in case anything happened to one of us.

Years later despite being fairly young, quite active, nutritionally conscientious, and annual check-ups with the Dr. with a clean bill of health, I had a near fatal heart attack!

Since I am self employed, I returned to work in just a few short weeks. Thankfully I qualified for benefits under my critical illness insurance and I received a cheque from the insurance company. Now we had funds to make up for lost time from the business, take a trip, pay for the insurance, do whatever we chose.

Every day in our business¬†we see firsthand how an illness or injury can affect your life and that of your family. We never expected this to happen to us, but Kristin and I are so very thankful that with Brian’s helpful advice we made the decision a long time ago to purchase Critical Illness insurance. We also appreciate Brian who has been very dedicated and helpful in many ways over the years.


David Courtney
Owner MEDIchair Halton
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